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Fast. Secure. Reliable.


3 Steps To Connect !

Setup Connectivity

Use the Cloudpath service builder to enter your site address & desired speed. A Cloudpath router will be sent to your site.

Enable your site

Plug in your Cloudpath router and service will be enabled. You are now ready to start adding connections to any service in the ecosystem.

Choose Connections

Choose from public Internet, cloud direct connect or a secure private network connection to over 200+ providers in the ecosystem.

The ability to connect multiple services over a single platform simplifies network management, provides future flexibility and is a modern, cost-effective approach.

Cloudpath FlexConnect

Secure. Multi-Purpose Connectivity

Our FlexConnect easily connects offices, data centers and remote workers to their cloud resources in the Cloudpath Ecosystem. Each FlexConnect is configured at any endpoint and connects you to the nearest Cloudpath Edge point of presence (PoP).
Simple Last Mile

We streamline the connectivity process by including “last mile” within the Cloudpath Ecosystem. Remove the complexity of managing multiple carriers.

On Demand

Once your site is “Cloudpath enabled”, add any connection in the ecosystem on demand. Change service connections or bandwidth at any time without long-term contract commitments.

Secure Cloud Traffic

Finally, a cost-effective option to keep private data off the internet. Increase application performance and reliability by utilizing “Cloud Connect” services from Cloudpath.

FlexConnect Connectivity Options


3 Ways To Enable your Site

Private Line

  • $$$
  • Complete Management - end to end
  • Industry Leading SLA - all connectivity components included (includes last mile latency guarantee to the site)
  • Single, or redundant, Cloudpath provided last mile FlexConnect to the customer site
  • Single, or redundant, Cloudpath FlexConnect router
  • 30+ day install time frame

SD-WAN Connection

  • $$
  • Limited management - Cloudpath network & SD-WAN + best effort for internet based last mile
  • Industry Leading SLA - Edge Guarantee (Cloudpath network SLA to the edge + best effort for internet performance)
  • Single, or redundant, Customer provided last mile internet connection
  • Support for single or redundant Cloudpath FlexConnect router with SD-WAN auto-failover between providers
  • 7 day install time frame

ZTNA Connection

  • $
  • Network + best effort for secure remote access connection using internet based last mile
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security gateway
  • Industry Leading SLA - edge guarantee (Cloudpath network SLA to the edge + best effort for the internet last mile)
  • Single customer provided last mile internet connection
  • Same day install time frame

Cloudpath Backbone

Fast. Reliable.

The Cloudpath network backbone combines the stability of BGP and MPLS technologies with the cost effectiveness of a software defined network platform. The platform connects service directly to your doorstep with flexibility to use any carrier per location saving time and expense. The simplicity of a single integrated management platform, single invoice and the flexibility to use “any carrier” for the last mile defines the “modern” network.
Simple Last Mile

We streamline the connectivity process by being the last mile carrier for all of our interconnections into the Cloudpath Ecosystem.

On Demand

Once connected, burst out for connectivity services on demand. No need to wait for traditional service lead times and long term contracts.

Secure Traffic

Keep private data off the internet by partitioning how your FlexConnect is configured. Run private streams separately through the single port connection.

Backbone Routing


Cloudpath Ecosystem

Flexible. On Demand

Our Ecosystem brings together all resources a business needs into a single, managed connectivity platform. Cloudpath customers can add and/or remove services at any time. The flexibility of the platform means your business can quickly and cost effectively adapt as network requirements change.
Expand your reach

Instantly gain direct secure access to an entire ecosystem of clouds, data centers and service providers with just a single FlexConnect port per location.

On Demand

Once connected, add additional connectivity services on demand. No need to wait for traditional service lead times or commit to long-term contracts.

Secure & Scalable

Our Software Defined Network (SDN) backbone is fully redundant and delivers industry-leading performance with globally consistent SLAs.

Connections in the Ecosystem


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